Presidents Message

Speech by Cathy Martz, President of the Ohio Quarter Horse Foundation

Ohio Quarter Horse Banquet, February 6, 2016

Everything has a beginning and this is the beginning of the Ohio Quarter Horse Foundation.  The Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving back to the American Quarter Horse industry.  The foundation has the ability to grow and touch thousands of lives, just as the All American Quarter Horse Congress has grown over the last fifty years to a level never imagined by a small group of Ohio horseman.  Through their vision and hard work grew an event like no other. I hope in another fifty years, our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will look back at this beginning and two words will come to mind:  LASTING LEGACY.

            The mission of the Ohio Quarter Horse Foundation will be accomplished through:

            *Supporting and educating those involved with the American Quarter Horse industry.

            *Promoting the health and welfare of the American Quarter Horse.

            *Providing scholarships for Ohio Quarter Horse Association members.

            *Assisting those affected by misfortune through the Ohio Quarter Horse Foundation Crisis Fund.

            We want you to be our partner in beginning a lasting legacy. I want you to think about the Ohio Quarter Horse Foundation and what type of lasting legacy you want to leave:  do you have a soft spot for finding a cure for the disease that took the life of your once in a lifetime horse; or supporting our youth through scholarships; or supporting the crisis fund so when hardship falls upon one of our own, they will have the support of each and everyone of you through the Foundation.

            So please partner with us, and you will see your name in the next Ohio News Magazine.  Your name will be linked forever with the beginning of the Ohio Quarter Horse Foundation.  The Foundation Board would like to extend our thanks to all of you for the trust you have placed in us to lay the groundwork for the lasting legacy.