First-Ever Little Buckeye and YEDA Classic a Success

Posted: July 15th, 2019

Many people have attended the Little Buckeye in years past, enjoying the weekend show in Wilmington, OH. This year, the iconic show made some changes that made for a great experience and lots of fun for exhibitors! The Little Buckeye and YEDA Classic was held July 11-15 at Eden Park in Sunbury, OH. The Little Buckeye is facilitated by the Ohio Amateur Quarter Horse Association and for the 2019 show, they partnered with the Youth Equestrian Development Association to create a three-day horse show that was approved for AQHA, OQHA, EOQHA, OMIQHA, NOQHA, NSBA, and YEDA points. The show featured both AQHA and YEDA classes, including the very popular lead line class! Some other fun features of the show were the Dog Race, Exhibitor Party, and the horsemanship clinic with Brent Tincher.


The show has been reported as a large success. The Ohio Quarter Horse Association Queen Alexis Taylor attended to represent OQHA and gives rave reviews about the extra opportunities provided to exhibitors.“There was an awesome horsemanship clinic provided by Brent Tincher with a super turnout. On Saturday there was an exhibitor pizza party, with free drinks for both adults and kids! The YEDA classes had a great turnout also, giving out scholarships to the top two exhibitors in the open horsemanship challenge,” Alexis reports. When asked about the partnership with YEDA, Alexis agrees that the partnership was successful and states,“I only see both the Little Buckeye and the partnership with YEDA getting bigger as more people learn about the opportunities it provides!”


One thing that is always a wild success at the Little Buckeye is the lead line class. This year, the stuffed animal of choice was baby sharks! There was a huge turnout, with 13 young competitors and all of them enjoyed the chance to show off their hard work while getting a stuffed prize and singing the baby shark song together!


Overall, the Little Buckeye was wildly successful in their first partnership with YEDA and the toasty warm show was enjoyed by new and experienced exhibitors alike!