NOQHA Summer Six Pack success

Posted: June 19th, 2017

The NOQHA Summer Six Pack held June 15-18 was a huge success. They had a sold out show with large class numbers and a great show staff. NOQHA made sure their exhibitors were well hydrated and fed. They offered a pizza party on move-in day and then offered a taco bar, pulled pork dinner and ice cream social during the show. Great prizes were given for each placing as well as circuit champions and member award winners. A variety of all around prizes were also given away. Congratulations to all the winners and NOQHA on a great show.



Champion- Brandy Baldwin-Bunting with Ms Mae Flash

Reserve- Sarah Lebsock with Version Of Goodbar


Select Amateur

Champion- Brenda Howell with Dont Need A Mirror

Reserve- Terri Bloom Tisch with Only In My Levis


L1 Amateur

Champion- Grace Tachikawa with Counts Iron Knight

Reserve- Lindsey Elly with Im N Outsider


Youth 14-18

Champion- Ellexxah Maxwell with Zips Bossy Chip

Reserve- Cora Wyers with Good N Certain


Youth 13 and under

Champion- Karissa Shank with Homefield Advantage

Reserve- Isabella D'Onofrio with Nearly Chocolate


L1 Youth

Champion- Alexa Thorpe with Sweettalkinartifacts

Reserve- Kori Kile with Selection So Gold


Small Fry

Champion- Emma Gore with Hes Suddenly Handsom

Reserve- Adeline Gabor with Consider Him Sheik